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CDA Test Scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday in June and November...


at your choosing according to your schedule.


With Paid CDAA Registration Fee of

Certified Design Accountant

The CDA is recognized in the design services industry as a professional accountant with a specilized degree of skill, education and working experience that is necessary to successfully manage the financial aspects of today's architectural, engineering and interior design firm.

The CDA program is designed specifically for the design firm management accountant and their role in the corporate business world. The program stresses many aspects of the design firm including, financial analysis, insurance, banking, legal issues, government compliance and requirements, taxes, the high technology of computers and computer aided design and other areas that are vital to the success and long term life of the professional services firm.

CDA Objectives

  • To establish the accountant's unique role in the management structure of design firms
  • To maintain a high level of ethical standards in the accounting industry
  • To be recognized by other professional societies as the leader in the advancement of accountants in design firms
  • To promote honesty and integrity
  • To refrain from any activity that would discredit the program

Becoming A Certified Design Accountant

  1. An individual may qualify to be a Certified Design Accountant?based on their experience of working for an architectural, engineering or interior design firm and therefore, not be required to take the CDA examination. The CDA applicant should submit their resume or summary of working experience to the CDAA Examination Committee for review. If the committee determines the applicant is qualified to be titled, Certified Design Accountant? they will notify the applicant within 24 hours. If the applicant then submits their payment for $125.00 to CDAA, P. O. Box 328, Edmond, OK 73083-0328, their CDA certificate will be issued within one week and they will have the title of Certified Design Accountant?
  2. If an individual desires to become a Certified Design Accountant?and they have limited working experience for an architectural, engineering or interior design firm, they must submit an application/registration form, along with their application fee of $125.00 to the CDAA. This will allow the applicant to take the CDA Examination. Upon successfully passing of the CDA test, the applicant will be titled Certified Design Accountant?

Please Send Your Resume or Summary of Design Working Experience To: CDAA, PO Box 328, Edmond, Oklahoma 73083-0328 OR email to: The CDAA web site address is:

Membership in the CDAA

Once the certificate is earned, the CDA is a member of the Certified Design Accountants Association and is expected to pay the annual membership fee. Any CDA delinquent will be subject to recall by the CDAA.

Application for Admission?/h3>

The applicant is expected to be of good moral character and agree to abide by the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Certified Design Accountants. A completed Application/Registration Form, accompanied with the non-refundable fee, should be filed within 10 days of the national CDA examination date, or the date you have selected to take the test.

*** Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat to print the application. ***

National Examination Dates

Scheduled for:
Second Tuesday in June and November, or at your own choosing according to your schedule.


CDA Program Application/Registration Fee - $125.00
Annual Membership Fee for CDA's - $ 75.00

Refund Policy

Refund or credit of examination fees is considered only after the CDAA receives a written requests for withdrawl fromt he candidate. The written request must be received by the CDAA at least 30 days prior to each national examination date. if written notice is received 30 days prior to the exam date, one-half of the application fee will be refunded or credited towards a future examination, afterwards, none of the application fee is refundable.

Examination Procedures

Candidates with no working experience for a Design Firm must take the complete examination and successfully pass with a score of 70% or higher.

The CDA test is a national examination. The examination will be sent first class mail to each candidates' location. The candidate will (1) have 4 hours to complete the examination, (2) must take the exam in the presence of the witness, (3) must have the witness' signature notarized, and (4) must return the completed exam the same day using a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Scoring results will be sent to the candidates within 30 days after completion of the exam. Minimum passing grade is 70% and the CDAA pass/fail decisions are final. Examination papers submitted by the candidates become the property of the CDAA and will not be returned but will be maintained as part of the candidate's permanent record.

CDAA Mission Statement

The Certified Design Accountants Association is the national professional organization for all certified design accountants. The mission of the CDAA is to act on behalf of its members and provide necessary support to assure that CDA's serve the public interest in performing quality professional services and to continually provide an educational network to insure the CDA's continued education.

To achieve its mission, the CDAA: Promotes uniform certifiaction and licensing standards for CDA's; sets requirements for maintaining members' professional competence; assists members in the continuing development of professional expertise; provides standards of professional conduct and performance standards; promotes public confidence in the integrity, objectivity, competence and professionalism of the CDAA members and the services they perform; encourages highly qualified individuals to become CDAs and acts on the CDAs behalf in representing their national interest to goverment, regulatory bodies and other organizations.

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